Our partner processes billions of dollars in transactions on behalf of millions of customers worldwide. A fully integrated Practice Management solution means, no more mistakes when charging customers credit cards, no more time wasted reconciling credit card transactions with invoices; and best of all Wink will contact your patients, charge their cards and ship their lenses to their homes on your behalf so you can stop losing customers to the internet.

We’ve been serving optical stores since 2005. We’re also techies, so we know what works best, especially since you’re going to use our software. All products we recommend are of superior quality and value. And of course, they’re all integrated with Wink Practice Management Software; so running your business is as easy as “plug and play”.

Our sponsor has built websites for businesses just like yours. Their objective is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website, and to convert that traffic into new patients. Best of all, our partner will install the Wink Scheduler on your website. This feature will allow your patients to book appointments via your website. The process is very intelligent and highly secured to prevent malfeasance and unintended results.

If you’re looking for someone to help you fix a computer, speed-up your Internet, or setup your network, we’d be happy to recommend someone to you. Our sponsor's IT technicians are all experienced and highly recommended by opticians and optometrists in your vicinity. Best of all, at your request, we'll send them to your store to install and configure any equipment you order from us. From software to equipment to technicians... Wink Practice Management Software has you covered!